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To ensure you have the BEST experience please read and follow all the guidelines listed below

  • ALWAYS wear seatbelts properly

  • Must be 18 or older with a valid driver's license

  • No smoking

  • No racing or reckless driving 

  • No doughnuts or burnouts (Tire thread is documented before and after rental, any signs of such actions will result in the renter being billed for a new tire and installation)

  • Respect the vehicle! Go slow on dips as the car sits very low

  • No pets 

  • Renters are to pick up vehicles on time and return vehicles on time. 

  • Do NOT wash the vehicle yourself (The vehicle will always be washed and sanitized before your pick up. Maintain it by simply following the guidelines)

  • Only the renter is allowed to operate the vehicle

  • Only 2 people are allowed in the vehicle at one time

  • 91 octane (Premium) ONLY! (Receipts are required upon return of the vehicle or you will be charged a fee. PLEASE keep your receipts) (Gasoline strip tests are also performed after every rental) There will be a gasoline fee charged if anything else is shown.

  • Due to state law helmets are mandatory

  • The vehicles are thoroughly sanitized and inspected before and after every rental. ANY signs of excessive wear and tear on ANY part of the Vehicle will result in the renter being billed for ANY and ALL damage caused during their rental period.

  • If ANY of the guidelines listed above are to not be followed there WILL be a PENALTY FEE to be paid upon return of the vehicle  


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